Sure, you’re ready for turkey, pie, and an afternoon dedicated to family and football. But what about the day after? Going shopping on Black Friday is a great way to save big on holiday gifts for your friends and family, but if you don’t have a strategy, you could wind up spending more money and waiting in longer lines than you would if you went in the next day. That’s why Royal Palm Nissan has put together a Black Friday Survival Guide that ensures that you and your crew will have the tools you need to find the best deals you can!

Get on the Email List

It may seem simplistic, but some of the best Black Friday deals can show up right in your inbox. A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, head over to the websites of the stores you’re planning to shop at and sign up to receive emails from them. That way you’ll know what many of the deals will be ahead of time, and you’ll even know which of them you can order online. Signing up for an email list is a great way to save!


Under the fluorescent lights at five a.m., surrounded by other excited shoppers, it’s understandable that you may not exercise the same judgment you would on a normal shopping outing. Resist this impulse. Before you go out to go shop, make sure you’ve budgeted for the gifts you’re getting. If you’re concerned about sticking to your budget, try only bringing cash or using gift cards you’ve purchased from the stores you’re visiting to keep from going overboard.

Wednesday Recon

On Black Friday, some things are on sale, but everything sure isn’t. Check by the stores you’re hoping to shop at earlier in the week to take a look at the items you know you’ll be interested in, so you can gauge whether you’re getting a good deal or not.

Shop Online

While a few items–especially big-ticket ones–will only be available at discounted prices in the store, many discounts will be available to online shoppers as well. This is where having signed up for the email list will really come in handy, as you can compare promised deals with the ones on the website the morning of the event. If you really want to get next-level with Black Friday, then put on your fuzzy socks, make a cup of hot chocolate, and go shopping from the comfort of your couch!

Black Friday is a time-honored American day of shopping, and if you follow these guidelines, then you’re sure to have a blast. The team here at Royal Palm Nissan wishes you and yours a happy Thanksgiving and an excellent Black Friday.